“Unreal… I don’t know what to say.”

“Thank you for taking such good care of the plane!”

– Cessna 182P Client

Cessna 182P Skylane

This is an owner who genuinely cares about his airplane, but as we all know, life can get busy and it doesn’t take long for time to pass, dust to settle, and a great airplane to sit behind hangar doors.

I spent several hours cleaning the owner’s hangar and removing months of dust from the floor. I assembled and added steel shelving, microfiber towels in sealed bins, cleaning supplies, engine oil, funnel and catch system, fuel sump station, and much more. I also added fully-equipped supply bins in the baggage area consisting of paper oil funnels, spare oil, microfiber towels, cleaner, gloves, towels, towelettes, wheel chocks, and tie-down ratchet straps for a variety of travel situations. Various air and fuel vent plugs were added in an effort to keep pests out.

The airplane recently went through an annual inspection with a new cylinder being replaced. It has been flown by me while strictly adhering to the manufacturer’s new cylinder break-in procedures. I personally met with the IA who performed the cylinder replacement to discuss in detail.

Today, as the owner finds time to fly, he won’t walk in to a dirty hangar… He won’t see a dirty plane, a plane that has been sitting unused for months. He won’t have an array of questions about it sitting for so long. Instead, he knows a trusted and detail-oriented certificated pilot has been overseeing and caring for his airplane with the utmost professionalism, respect, and high standards to keep his airplane flying.

For ongoing care, I stop by the hangar often to put an extra set of eyes on the plane, perform a thorough pre-flight inspection, and if airworthy, I take to the skies to help ensure the airplane and systems see consistent and professional use in between owner flights. I document every flight with complete details in an online log for the owner to see at his leisure.

Piper Cherokee 235

This owner utilized his Cherokee 235 for training and wanted skillful help keeping the plane airborne during times he is working and spending quality time with his family.

I regularly stop by the field to put extra eyes on the plane and thoroughly document any observable concerns such as low struts, weeping brake hoses, fuel sump leaks, and more, that can be addressed in advance of the owner’s planned trips. I do this in every effort to help prevent surprises when the owner arrives to the field next time.

On pre-scheduled days in between the owner’s own flights, I conduct a thorough pre-flight inspection, and if airworthy, I take to the skies to assist the owner in ensuring the airplane and associated systems see consistent, professional use, in accordance the owner’s preferences.

Having an extra pair of eyes looking out for your best interest always helps.

After each flight, the airplane is vacuumed, surfaces cleaned (Leading edges, prop, spinner, windshield, wheel pants), seat belts buckled, and it is securely tied-down. The airplane owner is sent pictures of the pre-flight and post-flight parking at it’s home base. A summary of the flight and any discrepancies or concerns are documented to keep the owner fully informed.

While there are more, many owners appreciate their privacy. I respect all of my valued client’s preferences not to display photos of their airplane for any reason.

Displaying photos is optional. It is not required to be a client at Airplane Caretaker nor does it impact the integrity of service delivery.

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